Why Napkin Technologies?

Because, Now!, is always the time to think strategically about the Business of Technology!!

Napkin Technologies was formed to support small business and enterprises alike in their endeavors to Innovate, create and deploy technologies to create and maintain strategic competitive advantages in their respective marketplaces.

Napkin Technologies is in a unique position to leverage and support clients either directly as full time, part-time, remote consulting  or by sharing via Business Technology Express (BTE)

Napkin Technology and Business Technology Express (BTE) and leverage the perspectives and experiences derived from over 30 years of developing leading edge Hardware, Software, Mobility, RPA and Services with 6 divisions and 25 departments of IBM and its alliance partners such as Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, AT&T, Sprint, AirWatch, MobileIron, MOBI, Tangoe, BlackBerry, Compaq……Western Digital, 3Com, National Semi Conductor, D-Link and many others.

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