Absentee Voting OK, But USA Not Yet Ready for General Mail-in-Voting

Absentee Voting OK, But USA Not yet Ready for General Mail-in-Voting.

Postal Service Funding Is a Red Herring. Quite simply most election offices are simply not ready for Mail-in-Voting possibly by 144-288 million votes. 

There is Simply no integrity of registered voter roles to support Mail in and its not officials fault! No Conspiracy Theory’s, just Common Sense, Logic & Reason. 


Absentee and General Mail in voting are not the same not even close.

With absentee voting used by folks out of town, or those of health that prevents them from voting in person. A Registered Voter requests an absentee ballot, the voter is validated an a ballot sent to the voters residence.

The Most obvious Reality Check Indicator is simply that just in 2019 the USPS says 36 Million voters moved!  The USPS web sites indicates 36 Million address changes were processed in 2019! Add in 2017, 2018, That’s 108 million households if married households thats 208 Million voters

Given that voters are typically not removed until after the miss a presidential election, potentially 208 Million ballots could be sent to a former residence.

Is there any evidence there that local election offices across the country have been able to keep pace with have caught up with address changes 

To have accurate voter rolls to validly support mailing out Ballots?

Could local election offices have removed from voter roles the many large city residents that moved to suburbia in 2020 during #COVID19? Or recent high tax or violence moves to no income tax states of TX, TN or FL?

Moving company’s in CA, MI, NY are having a banner year and are currently swamped with moves.  This suggests 2020 address changes prior to the election would be greater than 36 Million. 

Potentially 144 million households or 288 Million voters moved since the last presidential election and ballots sent to their previous residence. 


Will Biden or Trump fanatics try to play games given obvious logistical issues?

Will ballots be sent to folks long since moved?

Will USPS Fwd NY Ballot to FL?

Will millions of votes be cast by ‘Current Occupant’, along with their own vote?

Will ballots be cast by local staff after being “Returned to Sender”?

Can extra mailed in ballots really believe validated?

Can  millions of signatures will be checked?

My numbers are not scientific, not every address change is a registered voter, doesn’t include the deceased and more. Common sense indicates we are not ready for a US wide Mail in Presidential Election.  I will leave it to professionals to analyze the requirements and future changes to make voting easier. 

Recap:Absentee ballots work but local election office process and the lack of voter roles don’t support widespread Mail in voting.