Bagel Solves Critical Software Issue

Yes, Bagels are Brain food and bring enlightenment!
You won’t find this in any of the SDLC documentation.

If your the smartest guy on the floor, this may not help.  But , if your an intelligent person on a team surrounded by the brain trust of your organization or you know there are others near by that can help this may work for you.

Buy Bagels and cream cheese and some of your toughest problems will be solved.  Good Donuts can work too.

When I was a less senior software engineer.  I was given many new development projects (device drivers, diagnostics) that were new to me but old news to the geniuses around me.   Some of them were inventors of the laptop or desktop architectures you use today.

Every once in a while I would get stuck.  I didn’t know how to program around something, get something to work or I thought the code was there but it just wasn’t doing what I expected.  I knew I was close, the answer was staring me in the face, or It wouldn’t work that way and needed a new approach.

I knew the resident geniuses knew the key to unlocking the door to my issue answer and could save me days but given their projects, schedules and demands.  So, what was the best approach to get help.

Now, I’m not shy and If I know the right person am very much in favor of knock on door and ask for a few minutes.  But if you know someone does but not exactly who and or it might be hard to find some of their time,  let them find you!

How? Brain Food, Bagels.    When your stuck, have a bit work obvious at your desk.  Bring “good” bagels early,  set them where anyone can see, make it obvious they were free for the taking and wait.  Slowly but surely word will spread and Brains will arrive.  The will asking, whats the occasion, work anniversary? Promotion? ….  to which you reply,  It’s Tuesday, or whatever the day of the week it is.    Tell them feel free to take one.  Now ever good sport helping themselves to a freebie will be polite and offer chit-chat.  How is your morning? what are you working on….etc…

Simply tell the truth. going OK, working on such and such and trying to figure out a problem. or your stuck on a piece of code..  DON’T ask for help!  let it come to you.  be fairly specific in the description.   By the time the brain has finished fixing his bagel, the  brain will say, Let me have a look.   Usually before long the issue was solved and I was back on my way developing or testing the next unit of the program.

Clearly you have to pick your battles and need to do this sparingly.  If your office or cube looks more like a bagel shop than a work place your in trouble.
and If your truly new, people will understand.  Find a mentor or someone senior and schedule regular session to go over how your doing and where your need help.  Your learning,  its expected and will be respected.

And If you come across someone with Bagels, feel free to take one, Ask what they are working on, offer some assistance and maybe take them under your wing, be a mentor, check in and see how they are doing!

I used bagels and donuts.  In your office it might be a healthy choice…
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Look for my Extra Tip!!!  Hershey’s kisses for pain relief.
Brain Photo from Yale Scientific article  Your Brain on Food

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